Welcome to the mind of
Jomo Olaniyi Farrier

Born into a world of corruption and sin, kind-hearted Tahj Winters couldn't have known the magnitude of his destiny. His life falls into chaos after a demented doctor drags Tahj and his peers into the depths of a traumatizing nightmare. Can he unlock the limitless power buried within him in time to save his loved ones? The trials and tribulations of Tahj Winters begins here.

Mac Mercury becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Rey’s wife, the Queen of Swords. His homeland, the Nation of Wands, has been reduced to shambles of its past glory and the remaining nations of the world prepare to be Rey's next target.

Instead of cowering from Rey's unquenchable thirst for vengeance, Mac seeks to even the score. The war between the Emperor and the Magician begins as the four royal families are forced to choose sides. With the odds stacked against him, magic is Mac's only hope to solve the mysteries of the machine.