An In-School program focused on enrolling the youth into the idea that they can successful seek out and have a profession in the creative industry.

A curriculum that will help young girls and boys alike to develop self-awareness, clarity, and an unwavering drive to pursue their desired professions. This will be achieved through personal and professional workshops, where enrolled kids will be able to clearly identify their objectives, and in turn attain both their personal and professional goals.


While pursuing my passion, I found happiness and profit through my successes, which led to the idea of developing a curriculum for the personal and professional development of young girls and boys. Through proper coaching and development, youth will be encouraged to pursue their creative passions with the outcome of becoming successful in their chosen fields. Workshops will be designed to provide students with personalized tools and resources needed to accomplish results within their creative disciplines.


I want to understand the problems currently plaguing inner city youth, how to navigate around these issues, and how to engage with the youth to increase success rates. By understanding the communities in which they live in, I will be better able to tailor my curriculum to help them achieve their best results. My curriculum will consist of guest speakers from various industries who will motivate the youth to push forward with their ventures. There will be workshops that will help to break down the strengths and weaknesses of every individual, as well as field trips that will provide the youth with insight as to what to expect within their fields. 

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